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In 1971, Saigon was a wide open anus holes city with more than the normal number vices to lure the young American soldiers. From gambling casinos to opium dens to twenty four hour brothels, there was a plethora of things to do for a soldier on the prowl, and being only twenty two years old at the time, Doug took part in his share of the Saigon night life. During a visit to an obscure whorehouse on the fringe of the red light district, he met a young Vietnamese girl who turned tricks for $15 a head, and he got to know her during his frequent visits, and over time they became friends. He found out that when she was only fourteen, her father sold her into prostitution for what amounted to about $500.00 U.S. dollars. On her way to the brothel, her handlers beat her and forced her continually to perform sex acts on all of them. In the three days it took to reach Saigon, she became conditioned to do what ever the men ordered to.

Being very pretty and very young, she was a hot commodity for anyone who had the money to pay for her services. By the time she met Doug, she was sixteen years old and had been turning tricks for two years. After years of having sex with thousands of strange men, Su Lin began to equate acceptance with sex. It was only by giving her body, that she was able to feel any sort self esteem. Doug promised her that some day he would get her out 'Nam and take her to America. As the war began to turn against the U.S. and with Doug's hitch was coming to an end, he got help from army lawyers to obtain a passport for Su. In August of '73, Doug slipped her out of the brothel and put her on a plane to San Francisco. Two weeks later he was discharged from the service, and met her in California. A month later, Doug and Su Lin were married in a little chapel just off Castro St. It was the start of what Doug hoped would be a happy life together, but he had no idea of the problems that were to arise almost immediately!

As they settled down into their new apartment, it quickly became apparent that Su Lin Mitchell had a sexual appetite that was near insatiable! When she was in the apartment, Su was almost always naked, or she would wear shear bikini panties or a garter belt and stockings. No matter what else they were doing, Su Lin would expose herself to Doug as if she were still in the brothel back in Saigon. Her first inclination was to show her vagina and ask for sex. When visitors would stop over, Su Lin would sit in a chair and thrust her naked pussy forward for everyone to see. Because in the brothel she put on many lesbian shows with other prostitutes, she flaunted her pussy to women as well as men. Doug's friends were shocked the first time Su Lin exposed herself, but he just explained that over in Vietnam this was how she had been taught to act, and this was the only thing she knew, show her vagina and have sex. It was a reflex reaction for her!

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