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Danny was sitting in a booth drinking a gin and tonic by 8:30, "No use being late," he thought to himself, while nursing his drink. He kept an eye on the door that opened out to the lanes, and in the back ground he could hear bowling balls slamming into pins. Although he was nervous, the gin seemed to calm him down. Suddenly there was someone standing next to him asking, "Are you Danny?" Jumping to his feet he introduced himself and then they both sat down to talk. Danny motioned for the waitress to bring over a couple of more drinks, and while waiting for them, both of them gave each other the once over. When they realized what they both of them were doing, each of them broke out in laughter! The ice now broken, Valerie asked how he felt now that he could see her in person. Danny told her he was very happy and hoped she was too! Giving his hand a squeeze was the answer he was hoping for.

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